They're EVERYWHERE!!!!!





                                         Or Just Hanging Out!!!



No one can eliminate every one of them, but we CAN control them through proper Pest Control Management. We evaluate your pest and disease issues and provide you with comprehensive solutions. Our trained  foreman will walk your property during each maintenance service we perform to evaluate your community and to make recommendations to eliminate those unwanted pests and identify plant diseases.
Proper nutrition for your trees, ornamental plants and turf not only keep them green, but it is one of the best methods of insect control and disease prevention. A healthy plant is a happy plant, and that is why we recommend a yearly Fertilization Program. Hurricane Landscaping uses only the highest quality fertilizers from only the leading manufacturers ensuring the proper feedings for all your plants. Our trained applicators and state of the art equipment take the guesswork out of your plant's future health.

  • Well trained staff
  • State of the Art equipment
  • Specialized Programs
  • Soil Samples and Lab testing
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Disease Prevention

Commercial Properties

Smaller jobs too
Trained Applicators

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